Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Recycleland - a second-hand online store

Today I'm gonna introduce you a new online store, Recycleland.

This online store is unlike other stores in the market who sell new clothings or hand-made accessories. This store is selling second-hand items!

You can find 2nd-hand clothings, collectible toys, books, dvds, etc and etc.... anything that still can be use are selling there.

There are lots of flea market stores in Singapore, but none has gone online (excluding famous auction sites). This store offers more than what you can get.

What's more? You can sell your item/s in this store FREE OF CHARGE! Isn't it amazing? Where can you get free service nowadays?

In addition, if you have thing/s you've tried finding it for the longest time but still couldn't get it? They can help you put up a post asking for the item you are looking for! Again, it's FREE OF CHARGE!

Recycleland is opening on 08.08.08 (A good date to starts a business)


Do give them your support!


Nancy said...

the recycleland blog is only open for invited readers ask them to open to public can? if not how to support? wana see also cannot.....thanks!

老查某 said...

Hi Nancy,

Recycleland will only be open on 08.08.08

You will be able to view the web page tomorrow.

Nancy said...