Monday, September 29, 2008

My Forecast for 2009 我2009的运程

Sometime ago, my god-daughter brought me to Singapore River to look at lantern. Then I walk walk and I saw forecast for the 12 animals in 2009. I also very curious on the forecast about my luck, career and health for 2009 for my animal. Then I find find find, found it. Can you guess which animal I belong to?


I am so happy to see my forecast for 2009. Both main and extra financial gains are very good for Rabbits and their luck will persist throughout the entire year. They will also have opportunties for promotion. Thanks to my camera, I can take the forecast so clearly. I also took a video. Long live the Rabbits!



Friday, September 19, 2008

New Hobby 新嗜好

Has been busy busy blogging for the past 10 days on my new toys. The pinkish Canon IXUS 80IS Digital Camera and Canon Printer. Really have fun playing with them. Will be loading some 'sui sui' photos taken by the camera soon. Do come here and check them out.

Really want to take up some new hobby. Everyday stay at home, quite boring. Everyday watch TV. Sometime, want to play Mahjong but cannot find 'ka'. If you want to play mahjong with me, drop me a comment hor. Then, I will have more mahjong 'kakis'. Do not think I laozhabor cannot play, I north, south, east, west all eat. kekeke.

Ok. Back to my new hobby. Saw this master performing sand art on Youtube. I am really amazed and I fall in love with the master (err... no no the art). Don't know Singapore can learn or not. Maybe the Community Centre got teach. If you know anywhere got teach this art, with cute instructor will be a bonus, let me know hor.

前几天都在忙着为我新的玩具上部落格。粉红的Canon IXUS 80IS 数码相机和轻巧的Canon打印机。所谓:活到老,学到老。我也算是一个update的乐龄人士吧?我会陆陆续续把‘美美’的照片放上来让大家欣赏。记得上来捧场哦!



Friday, September 12, 2008

Lao Zha Bor of US 老查莫-美国版

Found a "Ang Mo" version of Lao Zha Bor in Youtube. She is 74 years old and also can rap very well, like me. Hmm.. When I can perform my rap in a big big stage like her? Er, manager, when huh? If you support me, leave a comment hor, then I go and 'ga jiao' my manager.


I also not bad. Laozhabor rap.


Thursday, September 11, 2008 Online Widget

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Movie Audition by JChamps Media

We are conducting an audition for Director Jack Neo's up-coming movie!

Date for audition: 11 Sept 2008

Talents Needed:
Teenage male, 16-19 years old
Young good looking female, 15-25 years old

Audition will be done around Orchard area, venue to be advised.

For appointment & enquiry, please contact 9669 3339 / 9856 8581

Sassy Canon IXUS 80 IS & CP-760

FINALLY here liao...I get to blog about the 2 products. hehe..Yesterday was the 1st day, quite kan cheong leh. because all the other bloggers are so young and hip...(though i'm also hip lah..) but still i'm a old lady wor. Nevermind, i know i can and i all also must support me there one leh.. got chance to win the printer i'm testing now leh. so must support me k.

To read my post go to: Infocomm123

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

InfoComm My Way :)

Last nite I met up with all the bloggers who were selected for the 'Product Campaign' programme. We went to Carbon Interactive Pte Ltd (the company who handle this campaign) for a short briefing.

I have to thank all staffs at Carbon! Because of me, they have to conduct the briefing in mandarin. Ha ha, we had lots of fun!
We had a slide presentation on how website would be.

This is the first product I will be blogging about. A Canon IXUS 80 IS Digital Camera & Canon CP-760 photo printer. It's so exciting!

I'm signing the contract...

This is my new friend, Moka. His owner is the boss of Carbon. He report work with his boss everyday.

Sheylara is one of the selected blogger, we are having fun with Moka.

Look at Moka, isn't he adorable?

The officer in-charge of the campaign and the 4 selected bloggers.

Me and my new Canon Camera!

For more information about InfoComm, please visit

Tuesday, September 02, 2008