Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to Batam...

Dear all, so sorry leh, so long didn’t update my blog liao hehe. Went to Batam for a short holiday with my family and took a lot a pictures leh. Today share with all of you lah !!

朋友们,对不起!好久都没有update 我的blog 了。最经去了巴淡岛度假,拍了不少照片。今天就跟大家一起分享吧!

We reach Harris Hotel after about an hour’s journey. This resort very nice leh! The environment here so relaxed and the best thing is that they have special bus that pick their hotel guests from the ferry harbour, very convenient.

一个多小时的路程我们便到了Harris Hotel.这是个设施齐全,环境优美的度假酒店,而且还有专车到码头来乘载游客,让我们都觉得服务周到。

<< The view very nice right...>>

When we reach the hotel, the Hotel Manager Stylianas A. Koureas and 2 other people received us. They were very nice and helpful to me, make me so touched leh. Then hor, ask them then realized actually they already watched “Money No Enough 2” and they recognized me. HAHA!!! Didn’t know I so popular until BATAM also got people know me leh.. hehhe (so thick skin hor)

The hotel people were so nice that they upgraded our room leh, got a tint of Japanese feel very sweet of them!! THANK YOU…

到了酒店后,我遇见了酒店的经理Stylianas A. Koureas和另外两位工作人员,他们对我们非常地热情,让我们觉得受宠若惊。细问之下才得知,原来他们都看过了"钱不够用2",一致认为钱2非常好看。也知道我有在里面参与演出,然后好客地将我们的房间换成了高级套房,还有点日本风的味道,我非常开心哦!

<< Mr Stylianas A. Koureas and me..>>

<< Room nice bah!! Had a bubble bath...oooo refreshed!!!>>

Though it was my 1st time to Harris Hotel, but their hospitality and the way they treat their guests really left a very deep and good impression for me.

After this trip, all my stress gone!!! Now all refreshed and even feel younger liao! Next time if you all got time, can make a trip there, recharge battery!!!

虽然这是我第一次去Harris Hotel,可是他们的热诚款待让我十分难忘,而这次的旅程也让我压力全释,更年轻更美丽了!朋友们,有机会你们也要从忙碌的都市生活中抽出时间来好好对待自己一下!哈哈,Koureas经理还邀请我找个机会过去帮忙做义工,看来我要积极安排一下咯。

<< I'D BE BACK...>>

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Super Cute Furry Buddies 可爱的毛毛宝宝

Harlow long I didnt update hor..hehe busy playing mahjong..but last that time say want to show you all more pictures I took when I was blogging about the Canon camera so ya loh..more more more today ..hehe All these pictures I specially go to my god daughter house and use her pets as my models..haha As you all know, pets very hard to take one because they run so fast…especially Chincillas..because they run SUPER fast minute you see them, the next second they are gone !!! But with this special camera function. How fast they run also can take…and very clear too even if they hide to the corner corners…see how clear the pictures are…


Just as I was taking the Chincillas, our kpo guinea pig came and take the show.haha..this guinea pig like know that I am taking her photo, can pose somemore one leh. So “hiao” hor..but really see liao very cute long long..furry furry…

当我在拍“龙猫”时,这只“天竺鼠”也来凑热闹。它还会摆姿势,和我“老查某”有得比。Humph! 竟然抢我的风头?

Last but not least, the smallest but also the cutest..hehe the 2 little hamsters… these hamsters eat, sleep, eat sleep…like me like that..just that I still got play mahjong lah..haha…not so lazy like them..still got exercise my hand…

最小、最可爱的“仓鼠”也来了。两只“仓鼠”只会吃饱就睡,睡饱就吃, 像我一样。但是我比较勤劳,会“用手劳动”- 打麻将呗。

This picture is very cute one…you see liao tell me where’s the mouth and the first I take liao also need to take a while to see..haha


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Home Made MNE2 Handphone Trailer 钱不够用手机预告篇

Found this home-made "Money No Enough 2" Handphone Trailer. So interesting and funny. So share with you lor.

在网上看到这个自拍的“钱不够用2“ 手机预告篇。觉得很有过瘾。和大家分享。