Saturday, November 15, 2008

银色部落格大赛 Silver Blog Contest

我之前在infocomm的博客得到很多朋友的support,所以这间公司又邀请我作为他们的形象大使推广一个名为“Silver Blog Contest”的部落格大赛,这次的赛事面对的群众就是像我一样的乐龄人士们,希望藉此鼓励多些乐龄人士学习网络方面的知识,并从创建部落格中找到上网的乐趣,这个活动既有趣又帮助了乐龄人士的身心健康,十分有意义哦!迟点我会慢慢将详细的消息告诉大家,也请你们告诉你的爸爸,妈妈,公公,婆婆,外公,外婆,叔叔,阿姨,关于这个比赛。我希望可以认识更多的老查莫和老昂哥。哈哈。
Some time ago, I blogged for Infocomm and received my good good comments. So this time, the company invited me again to become their Ambassador for the "Silver Blog Contest" The people they targetting are senior citizens like me. They hope more senior citizens can engage in Infocomm and find the fun of having their own blog. This activity is so interesting and meaningful, laozhabor sure support one. I tell you more in my next blog. Meanwhile, please let your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, gong gong, ma ma, uncle, auntie know about this contest. I hope to know more Lao Zhabor, Lao Uncle. haha

This is a photo of me signing a contract to become the "Silver Blog Contest" Ambassador

Serious briefing but never forget to show off my comedy skills

These two man, same as me, also Ambassador. I know more friends like me who like to blog. Happy happy!

One of them is a guitarist, but I don't know whether the guitar he is holding can play music or not?
We being interview. I look very steady hor but actually I was very excited

Their answer also very good leh

Do you know what I am doing. I am recording the slogan for the contest. You want to know what is the slogan? You can find out at Infocomm website when the contest begins

Aren't I cute?

The pretty lady beside me is the organiser for the contest.

A group photo

Hmm.... this guy very cute. My new potential boyfriend?


Eel Wind said...

oh my, you shine, girl! make all the laozhabors and laoangcles proud!!

Anonymous said...

Lao Zha Bor u got msn a not?

梦幻女孩 said...


Duke said...

hello lao zhar bo..your blog is just awesome!

.·´¯`·->超恨孤单的我 <-·´¯`·. said...

Muahaha..isnt me still is da 1st person post comment here?? so support eu arr..(Lols..psps>.<)

icebreaker said...

wow that's cool! :)

Victoria Anne said...

I love your shows.
Anyway,i looked at the jteam productions website and they said something about search for non-chinese talents and i was wondering if it is still going on.
so is it going on??

please reply me by posting a comment in my blog chat box @

thks and god bless

breadpitt said...

u are so cool ....... and yes , u are still cute

Eel Wind said...

just to let you know...

I watch Money Not Enough II last Sunday..

(a bit late la..but hey, at least I watch. :))

老查某 said...

haro victoria. J team is always looking for new talent. you can email your profile to Maybe we can act together next time.

老查某 said...

haro Eel Wind. Thanks for supporting the movie. Hope you like it. Got see me act inside or not?

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iamaarcher said...

laozhabor why you never post anything on your blog lately? sian sia hope to hear more form you. when you posting gain huh?

may be you also can support me by taking a look in my blog one day? my blog is

Anonymous said...

Hi LZB! Keep rocking :)

meow...... said...

hey cool blog ya!
u look cute in the

Anonymous said...

blog more leh!!!! or else i dun come already...

ShaWn low said...

laozhabor can u hlp me something?

SaleSg said...

Come On. Blog on often. I love the way you talk. You're so cute and funny.

angel ❤ said...

yup ! make all the laozhabors and laoangcles proud or not all the laozhabors and laoangcles will say or feel : i too old and bored btw i am boring laozhabors and laoangcles !

lols! sorry ! but it wqas the first time i comment on here !

angel ❤ said...
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angel ❤ said...

lol! i don't know laozhabor got msn or not ...

hey laozhabor please give the answer asap !

i will aways come to your blog first !

Anonymous said...

hiie , first time came across ur blog ! love it . (: kekeke .. (:
happy CNY and all the best !
jiayouhhs worhhs ! (:

Anonymous said...

hiie , first time came across ur blog ! love it . (: kekeke .. (:
happy CNY and all the best !
jiayouhhs worhhs ! (:

Saralynn said...

omg the person holding guitar's my grand uncle~~ yes he can play it-.-