Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jingjing and Yati on Volunteer Work

Jingjing and Yati are regular volunteer workers at a senior citizen's corner. They helped the old and the poor with food & drinks, including hair cuts.

Look at some of the pictures taken over at the place...

The first two pictures show their activities at the old folks home.

The last picture was taken in a studio, showing Jingjing being featured in 《黄金年华》show. She brought her collection of ang baos to the show. She is lucky, always get the chance to appear in the show. Hey producer, can you consider me for one epi?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mark Lee's Baby Girl Shower Day

Mark Lee celebrated his baby girl shower on 17 Aug at Changi Village Hotel.
Lots of celebrities, his own relatives and friends are there to share his joy.
I even have no time to chat with him. He was buzy flying around.

He got a cute little baby girl, very sweet....

I'm sorry to post these photos up late cos I'm waiting for my god-daughter to help me load up to my blog.

Here's the pix...

Mark & Catherine + Calista and me. (Cat is not ready for this picture... sorry lah, I forgot who took for us. Will scold him/her for you.)

Yati, Kym, Jingjing and me. (Aiyo, who took this pix huh? Jingjing not ready leh!)

Richard and me.....

Yati, Cherry (J Team Staff), Jingjing, Me, June, Angie and Buffett.

Me and June....

Me, Wingfai and Jingjing. He is one of our manager who find jobs for us to do. (Erh, I long time no acting liao leh, can faster recommend me or not???)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Have I created a mess again?

Director Jack Neo called me and ask me why I want to stop my blog. He said his phone was flooded with SMSes and also received a dozen of calls questioning him.

Ops! I'm sorry Director Neo.... I didn't mean it. I didn't say I want to stop my blog, I'm only thinking whether if I should stop.

And the conclusion is...

Okay lah, I will continue blogging. I must be responsible to all my loyal readers, thank you for not leaving me.

I will also take on the product campaign project.

I just can't leave you alone missing me rite?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

You tell me what to do...

I start blogging since 2007.
My highest record of daily hits was around 8000.
I have a pool of loyal readers maintaining my daily hits at 1000.
My computer skills and English is poor.
But I have some nice souls helping me with my blog.

I'm just a normal old woman with a little bit of fame.
I have a handful of audiences who do not like what I'm doing and have suggested me to quit. They think I should be how a normal old woman should be.

Remember I told you about a product tester campaign? I've rejected that offer now cos I may not be blogging anymore. They have persuaded me to take on and still waiting for my reply.

I'm thinking of stopping my blog, what do you think?

I'm still considering, I need to know what you think.
Tell me please.

Do you want me to continue or quit?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

LV vs China Bag

Got this in the net...

So actually the desinger of LV went to China for ideas?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye my Nokia Phone, Rest in Peace

I believe I will never recover my Nokia phone. It's gone forever.

I've got no mood...

I'm sad..

Friday, August 15, 2008



I lost my handphone at Plaza Singapura last nite in the restroom. Ladies, if you picked up a handphone in the PS toilet last nite, please kindly return it to me! I will be grateful. It's a Nokia!

I have lots of memorable photos in my handphone, and furthermore, this handphone is my birthday present!

Please return it to me if you have it!

Laozhabor's Jokes - (Reloaded with English Subtitles)

Episode One, "The Ring"

Monday, August 11, 2008


Natalli (爱雯)

(Extracted from Jack Neo's Blog)
相信看过"小孩不笨2″的你们对她应该有点印象吧, 她年仅19岁, 样子甜美, 能唱会跳, 可算是我们梁家班旗下的一名小爱将.

爱文毕业于梁家班的儿童演员训练班2004, 她的独特气质与星味使她特别地突出, 也让我发现了这颗未经打磨的玉石. 现在的Nat已经有不少的演出经验了, 想起初次表演的她, 略显孩子的稚气与羞涩, 现在今非昔比, 出落得亭亭玉立, 在镜头面前也能应对自如. 看过"钱不够用2″的朋友, 都向我反映里面有位很漂亮的演员, 也就是在戏中饰演我女儿一角的Natalli, 所以我要在这里介绍她一下, 好让喜欢她的朋友们对她有进一步的了解, 相信在不远的将来, 她会在这条星光大道上继续成长, 就让大家来见证咯.

在"钱不够用2″中, Natalli也有十分卖力的演出, 这场撞车的戏要拍得逼真, 不仅只是拍摄与CG的效果, 她的演技也是功不可没的, 如果你们有看过这部电影, 相信都可以看到她受伤的那一幕, 还有不少人觉得在她被撞飞落地的那一刻真假难辨, 哈哈…殊不知, 其实简短的一个镜头, 在拍摄的过程中可是绝对不简单的. 为了达到逼真的效果, 我的要求是不能马虎应对, 为了达到我的要求, 她也对此"任劳任怨", 最后才能得到这段让观众们都认同的片段, 真的谢谢大家的支持!

You've seen Natalli in "I Not Stupid 2", she acted as Shawn & Joshua's classmate in the show. During that time, she has just graduated from our J Team Children Acting Workshop. And now, she is 19 and becoming to be a young talented lady.

For those who have watched "Money No Enough 2", you should have seen her acting as Jack's daughter in the show. Although not much scenes, but her natural acting was noticeable. There was one scene of her been thrown out of a car, it was all done in green screen (Computer Graphics). It's very hard for a young lady to act imaginary in a green house, but I thought she did quite well.

Visit Natalli's Blog

Below please see some of her stills in "Money No Enough2":

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yinyin Singing Ko Tai & Seventh Month

This month is the Ghost Festival, our traditional Chinese festival which is celebrated by Chinese in many countries.

In our Chinese tradition, the thirteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month (鬼月), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the hell? During the Qingming Festival the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors. On Ghost Day, the deceased visit the living. Ooooo.....

Anyway, we celebrated this month with lots and lots of Ko Tai performances too. Our dear Yinyin also in the Ko Tai team. This year is her first year in Ko Tai, but I think she hit it off quite well! She is borne to be a Star! I really wish if I can perform like her, so I can also earn some pocket money from this festival.

How many Ko Tai you've seen this month? You should go and watch it if you haven't...GREAT show. I've just watch once near my house, seeing Yinyin perform makes me jealous leh.... How I wish I can be like her.

By the way, Yinyin is our latest babe in J Team. I heard two coming movies are casting her as the main role. (Hey, how about me???)

See some clips here from youtube:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Recycleland - a second-hand online store

Today I'm gonna introduce you a new online store, Recycleland.

This online store is unlike other stores in the market who sell new clothings or hand-made accessories. This store is selling second-hand items!

You can find 2nd-hand clothings, collectible toys, books, dvds, etc and etc.... anything that still can be use are selling there.

There are lots of flea market stores in Singapore, but none has gone online (excluding famous auction sites). This store offers more than what you can get.

What's more? You can sell your item/s in this store FREE OF CHARGE! Isn't it amazing? Where can you get free service nowadays?

In addition, if you have thing/s you've tried finding it for the longest time but still couldn't get it? They can help you put up a post asking for the item you are looking for! Again, it's FREE OF CHARGE!

Recycleland is opening on 08.08.08 (A good date to starts a business)


Do give them your support!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Funny Video Clips from 'donkey years' ago?

Ha ha HA! I found these videos in youtube.

It's some old short video clips from J Team featuring J Team Artistes & Director Neo.

P/S: Dir Neo, don't scold me hor.... it's just so funny that I must share with my readers....

To my readers: I will look for more.....


"Chio Bu"

"Miang Kia You"