Thursday, February 05, 2009

海南岛 Hainan Island



Harlow Friends!!! So sorry leh.. I know I was supposed to be updating this blog like 3 to 4 times a week but I have been so busy leh. Not I want to hao lian, but old people like me cannot tahan long hours de. So after a long day of shoot, I already no gas liao, so sorry leh. Now the projects on hand a bit more stable liao, so got time to update..hehe..sorry sorry hor.. This entry is going to be about the trip I took with my family to Hainan Island. Wah..this island is SO PRETTY!!! It is know as China’s Hawaii you can imagine loh..the sun, sea and the sand..haha…If you guys are those who like nice nice sceneries one..MUST GO!!! There’s this place called “the end of the world” ''天涯海角'' ;direct translation from Chinese one ang moh not very good..dont know what it is called in English but it is very well known one.Sure got people know. so must also no you guys pictures better…



正面看看 我也要凑凑热闹,摆摆 pose




Besides all the places above, I also got go to this rock called the “LOVE” rock. Hear hor , those people who come here all find their love and stay together long long lonnnnggg one leh…so I also cannot lose..hahah must make a wish!!!

Actually got a few more very nice picture one..But hor I come and see then realize haiyo they press wrong button..become video liao. HAHAHA they not as good with camera as I am mah..hehehe okok..cannot so hao lian..let you guys hear the waves, see the sceneries..see how I enjoyed myself…jealous rite?? Haha what you guys waiting for…COME LAH!!! hehe


情人节 Valentines' Day

Nice right!! This month of love, send this loving Ecard to your loved ones...for only LOVE MATTERS!!!

美吧!! 今年的情人节把对你身边挚爱的祝福用这章e card 来代劳吧!!!幸福万岁!!!