Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getai Fever 歌台也疯狂


不久前我也跟我的歌台朋友们出国登台喔! 但是当然不是我这个老查某上台表演啦。嘻嘻。不然一定会被观众轰下台的。。。哈哈! 好了话不多说,照片为证。

Recently the getai fever has been pretty hot! Though the Lunar Seventh Month is already over, but the hype is never ending. During that period, there were getai everyday and everywhere. Really admire the singers you know..heard hor, the maximum one singer can sing in one night is 7 getais leh...really don't know how they do it. This kind of attitude we must all learn..never say die!!Especially the our Olympic runners, must learn from our Getai singers speed of running, win some medals for Singapore!

Oh ya, not long ago, I went with my Getai friends to Batam leh..of course not I perform lah. haha..if it is me, confirm will be boo down the stage one. ok, now show you guys some pictures I took bah.


EuNiCe said...


Eve said...

我是在 facebook 里看到朋友把你的 rap
post 上他们的 profile..
=) Singaporean 演员

from m'sia
add if u have facebook
so i can post more about u =)

Take care and love you.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

XuE JeN said...

hey thr lao zha bor.. haha.. i liked u since i 1st saw one of ur movies cz i think ur reaaaaally cute~~ hahah.. n i only found out of ur blog today.. so.. keep up the good work~~ ppl may say ur old but this old woman is definitely young at heart!! =D all the best!! =)

<3 XJ

單眼皮男孩 said...


xiao hui said...

like your smile...
looks kind...
hope to see your new movie oh...^^

✖piscesgirl~烧卖✖ said...


Ich bin nicht euer superstar said...

I am a big fan of you, its really inspiring to see old people adapting new technology like you. As for me being an internetnerd one thing I think is missing in this global community is the senior members, who have, as you prove yourself alot to contribute with. 

I ran on to this blog. Bo brundin A 72 years old guy who's trying to buy back he's youth from the 60ies. He was living in Manhattan back then, trying to be an actor (which he also became! ) 

Now he collected 25 out of 42 items. pretty good I think.   homepage, under bolog you'll find he's blog a funny youtubeclip and a proof of he's skills

anyhow, keep up the good work!


chia_yee93 said...

keep it up yea!!
support u..

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