Tuesday, November 17, 2009


老查某红到台湾? .... 哈哈! 不好意思啦....好像是我自己说的哩...因为想要往自己的脸上贴金子嘛...呵呵。当我的经纪公司-J Team的同事通知我这个消息,我还在想:是真的吗?

根据昨天新明日报的报道; 本地甘草演员 '老查某' 拍摄的交通安全音乐短片, 受到台湾媒体的注意!!! 台湾的《中天频道》介绍了本地甘草演员 '老查某' 尤雅敏拍摄的交通安全音乐短片。这个短片是要呼吁乐龄人士过马路要小心。


"Lao Zha Bor is famous in Taiwan?". Haha. You think I am dreaming, right? When my management company, J Team, called me and informed me about this news, I was still wondering - really meh?

According to yesterday's ShinMin Daily News report, local artiste "Lao Zha Bor" road safety MTV got the attention of Taiwan media. Taiwan's CTI channel reported recently local artiste "Lao Zha Bor" shot a road safety MTV which conveyed road safety messages to senior citizens.

In my golden age, able to do something for the society and have a bit bit popularity overseas, I am already contented. But most importantly, I need you to continue give me your support, ok?

This is the road safety MTV which was mentioned by the media. I was still quite young then. kekeke. Can ask your grandfather, grandmother to watch it too! They can learn a tip or two on road safety.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Princess Birthday 公主的生日

These are the photos that I took from Mark Lee's daughter 1st Birthday party.

Can you see her name? Haha....

Why is she keep looking at me huh? Don't worry I'll not compete with you for the title of Miss Singapore...! Cos... I am proud of Ms. Laozhabor!!!
为什么她一直看着我..??别担心, 我不会与你竞争新加坡小姐的. 因为我已经是新加坡老查某嘛!

Happy Family!! Wah! Smile until like that... me too leh...

Daddy, I want the Candy..Candy..!
爸爸,那是糖果吗? 给我...我要糖果..哇!!妈妈....

Ah...Mummy...I am falling..pleaseeee.... Help!!
救命呀!! 我快要跌倒了呀!!

If you had seen the movie 'where got ghost' you will know who he is loh....hehe
如果你有看过 '吓到笑' 这部电影的话.你应该会知道他是谁咯...

Uncle!! let go of your hand leh...I shy shy.

Ee?..... Why the butterfly stuck on her face and she is still so happy?

Me again with my usual style..

I took these photo before I went to the party.

See you real soon.