Sunday, July 01, 2012

K-Nite 3 with "Nenek Tak-Boleh"

All the K- Nite 3 photos are in my camera...Sorry..Wait till now then upload..Haha..
I have no idea how to put them in sequence, the photo seem to have the mind of their own, they keep jumping around but I think you dont mind... Right
K-Nite is a malay variety show hosted by Mastura Ahmad and Khairudin Samsudin that I had followed for the 3rd season already.
I am the "Nenek Tak-Boleh" in the show who's dont know malay lauguage but try to sing for them to guess the name of the song, funny rite?
I do enjoyed myself in every episode.Of-cause la, I had many beautiful dresses to wear hor...
You can still watch the show on MSN video link, if you want to!

Yoyo, what's up man!!

I really look like mamasan!

A little too fat.

What! What!
The three musketeers.

Don't worry, you have me!

Look like bride and bridegroom hor!!

Nice dress

Very satisfied leh!!

1 flying kiss to you.

1 2 3 Act cute!!

Yaya Papaya!

70's show

Here we are! Have fun everybody!
A little shy leh! don't hug me like that la.
I feel slimmer with her around, haha.

I really think I'm the best!! Hehe

Aiyo!! Be careful!!

Bend down abit la, otherwise people will know I'm so short.

I am going to struggle you!!

Hmm.. That's better.

Another tall guy!

Everybody say no say wuuuu.

He look a little like hong kong singer Sam Hui Koon Kit.

She is my lady.
Do I look like a doll??
Aiya! I am really tired.

This is the best photo that I like!

Nice or not??
Cannot say not nice hor!!
Me and my boy!!

Come on baby!

Why are you looking at me?? Your turn to sing what!!

Oh no, It's my turn..sorry lor...hee

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