Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Laozhabor's 2D1N in Johor Bahru (Part Two)

Hotel Check-in

After lunch, we checked into a very Christmasy hotel - Belllo Hotel. 饭后我们就住进一家充满圣诞节气息的饭店。

Karaoke + Dinner Buffet

What's better than singing karaoke while having dinner? So we went to Neway Karaoke Box because they have karaoke AND dinner buffet for ONE price! Good right? 还有什么比边唱卡拉OK边吃晚饭还好呢?晚上我们就到 Neway 去唱歌,因为一个价格就可以边唱歌边享用自助晚餐!超划算的!

Free fruits for us. So touched! 😍 经理还叫服务员特别送上一盘水果。贴心!

🍉 Eating fruits when we're overseas is a must to help our digestion! 出国就一定要多水果才能帮忙消化哦~

Thank you Captain Lee and Neway for your hospitality! 😄 谢谢李经理和店员们这么招待我们!

The best thing about buffet is that you can eat how much you want. And there's free drinks for everyone! If you come on the weekends, there's also oysters and crabs and other types of seafood! 自助餐——要吃多少就吃多少。每人还有免费饮料🍶 周末去的话,还有生蚝、螃蟹等着你哦 🦀️

Ahma at night getting high 阿嬷晚上特别high 😄

Let's sing a song together 🎤 来来来,我们来唱一支歌~

And dance the night away 💃 今晚就跳一支舞吧

Ahma very high. Muacks 💋 阿嬷high了。给你一吻,你可以不可以?😘

Belllo Hotel JB
21 Jalan Meldrum
Johor Bahru

Neway City Square JB
Lot M5-01, Level 5 Johor Bahru City Square,
106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook Johor Bahru

To be continued... Prizes to be won! 还有续文哦~ 有奖金要送出 😚

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